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 Matter LLC

Community Session

Cooking Class Fundraiser 5pm - 6:30pm

Private Sessions

Private Cooking Class

Culinary Seasonal Studies 

3 Course Vegan & Vegetarian  Creative Cooking Classes 

(1)Crispy Korean BBQ Cauliflower Creamy Linguine Pasta 

Tropical Avocado Ice crème 

(2)Eggplant Parmigiana Lasagna rolls, 

Pear & Walnut Salads (Potato & Green)  


(3)Curry potato with Herbal Basmati 

Homemade Naan 

Apple turn overs 

3 Course Vegan & Vegetarian Group of 25 Cooking Classes
3 Course Vegan & Vegetarian Group of 15 Cooking Classes
3 Course Vegan & Vegetarian Couples Cooking Classes

Appetizers & hors d’oeuvres   

Ever wanted to  discover the little things ? Well now we have classes catered to tasty small bites ,the elegant history behind it , and it’s importance within food culture .  Its  also good to have one favorite recipe in you’re pocket that can jazz up any get together . You never know when you might need it 

Creative Dining Experiences , Events, & Classes 

Our dining experience classes highlights  front line customer service, hands on cooking activities ending with a small class event reflection based on flavor profile , culture studies & contributions to food itself . 

Afri-Asian Soulfood Sushi 

Vegan & Vegetarian  Creative Cooking Classes 

honor African and Indian Flavor profiles inside of an Asian bite . 

Learn cool fun facts about traditional sushi and it’s complex techniques and tasty combinations 

Afri-Asian Soulfood sushi (Group Of 25)
Afri-Asian Soulfood Sushi (Group Of 15)
Afri-Asian Soulfood Sushi (Couple)

Learn more 

Healthy Desserts & Snacks

apple & Pear Tarts 

Mini Oatmeal crème pie 

Loaded Vegetable Cups  

Pickled Veggies 

Smoothies , Sips , & Shakes  

Sauces, Salsas & Soups

Tomato Sauce 

Italian pesto sauce 

Cold Salads (Potato, Tomato:5 Cultural Connect, Mediterranean Pasta Salad) 

Triple Corn Soup With Dumplings

Three Sisters Chili 

Farm to Table Cooking  

Department of Health Inspired Dishes 

utilizing local farmers crops to prepare holistic meals &  conduct healthy cooking demos 

2020-2021 Jamaica Queens Tasty Garden 

2022 Red Hook Farms 

Sign you’re Farm Up Today

School Lunch Taste 

transforming least favored dishes until tasty ones 

Stuffed shells 

Greek Yogurt & Pb&J 

Tasty pancakes wit homemade fries 

Sloppy Joe 

Flat bread pizza 

Creative “No Waste”  Culinary Activities & Workshops 

Childcare  services inspired activities and workshops 

Natural Dye made with food waste trims 

Using the “whole” Veggie/Fruit 

Food and Fitness 

Emc Food Jingle Tours

Tasty Warrior Culinary Kit  

Come fully equipped to you’re next culinary seasonal studies class , our mandatory kits saves you the trouble of any accidents  , or simply  missing out on a fun class due to not being prepared.

Our classes teaches us all levels of culinary and what’s needed to be success within the field and kitchen. 

Cutting glove 

1 chef knife 

1 cutting board 

1 peeler 

Taste Buds Matter Apron 

Tasty Warrior Culinary Kit


Emc Selectress Taste  

A creative way to connect food , sound , and culture .

Music , just like food is the one thing that brings us all together .  music has changed over time , given both negative and positive effects on the ways  we think , live , speak and connect, but it has also made great change ,purpose, & impact  for some. 

Menu of faith and our Emc Food Jingle Tours are ways to keep the culture and studies , sounds , & taste alive . Here are some Mixes the world may see as “Negative” but we have made it positive for us .

Sound Mixes Use

SnoopDogg - Those Gurlz 

Nas + Jayz + Kanye (Otis /Oochie Wally

Roll in peace -Kodak Black 

All night long- Mary Jane Girls 

Jerusalem- Master KG

Cardi B- Up 

2 Original Studio Beats made in 2020


“Ital dish stay on the market”

“Pantry taste”

“tribal bud” 

Become a part